About us


Are WoW team is composed of curious, adventurous, and young dreamers.
But they are mostly engaged creatives and passionate about their job, reunited around 3 beautiful values :

  • Creativity

Are WoW is mainly about limitless creations. In each and every one of our products, you are our main focus. Behind every product, there is a story of making daily used products better and adapted for a better life.

  • Simplicity

Happiness is a constitution of different simple things. Here at Are WoW, everything is made simple to maximize your happiness.

  • Passion

Are WoW team is composed of passionate young dreamers only. Our best asset is our team, and together we can make your daily life better.

“We are more than just a company that makes and sells products. We care about people, the planet, and the process of being a better person. We are always in pursuit of new and better ways to make you glow." 

AreWoW.com Team

H5 Ash Tree Court, Nottingham Business Park, Nottingham, England, NG8 6PY.